Titan PowrTwin 6900 Plus DI Electric

Get the added strength of the PowrTwin DI Series submersible foot valve and slow stroking hydraulic piston in an electric sprayer. Suitable for fire retardant/intumescent paints.


Direct Immersion
The 6900 Plus DI has a submerged foot valve which allows you to siphon heavy viscosity coatings.

Easy to Convert
Easily convert to gas or electric power without any tools.

Belt Guard
Easy access for converting from gas to electric.

EZ Swing Frame
Allows for less spillage during paint changes and lower height (and center of gravity) of unit for easy transportation.


Capacity 3.1 kW
Weight205 Ibs (93 kg)
Max. viscosity50.000mPa s
Max. volume flow6.6 l/min
Max. Tip Size (1-Gun) - Electric0.041" (1.04 mm)
Max. Tip Size (2-Guns) - Electric0.029" (0.73 mm)
Max. Tip Size (3-Guns) - Electric0.021" (0.53 mm)
Max. Tip Size (4-Guns) - Electric0.017" (0.43 mm)
Max. Operating Pressure228 bar

Price: P.O.A.

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